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Brand: Dlink Model: NCB-C6UGRYR-305
General100% Copper and no mix of other materialThe speed of a wired LAN is largely determined by how fast data is transmitted between computers and network components.The solid construction of the Technotech Cat6 cable helps you stream video, music, transmit data at higher speeds by providing a fast..
Ex Tax:₹1,440.68
Brand: Dlink Model: 1005988
GeneralProduct Type : Conductor 0.57 mm Bare Copper 23AWG x 4pairs , Resistance: 9.38 ohm, PE Insulation, PE Central Cross,Packaged in an Easy-to-pull for Easier InstallationFeatures : LAN Cable , Cat6 1000 Mbps Speed,Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) , 305 m Stranded.Product descriptionCat6 Cable with ..
Ex Tax:₹4,110.17
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