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Brand: EsyPos Model: EBS311
Features1.5M Shock ResistanceLong Lifespan ButtonLong Range Linear CCD SensorRead All Standard 1D Bar Codes on Electronic ScreenNew Interface Design (pull out easily)300 scans/sec Scanning SpeedUSB Supported..
Ex Tax:₹1,567.80
Document Scanner – Captures any document up to A3 size at high resolution in about one second.Object Photos - It can capture an object up to A3 size in one second. ● Video Recording - Its video recording function can record the progress of any operation or demo.Copier - It can capture a document or ..
Ex Tax:₹10,169.49
Brand: TVS Model: BS-L100 PLUS
BS-L100 Plus is an affordable handheld Laser scanner that allows the user to easily target the desired bar code and provide complete data transmission by just triggering a button. This Laser scanner fits in various environments starting from small warehouses, offices, and retail shops.ADVANTAGES..
Ex Tax:₹1,610.17
Brand: IBALL Model: LS-392
High performance Laser Barcode Reader with sharp aim-and-shoot scanning. Aggressive Scanning performance for fast and accurate data entry application. Supports 4 mil barcodes. Outstanding reading performance. Light weight and ergonomic design. USB Interface...
Ex Tax:₹1,483.05
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Brand: IBALL Model: WBS-650MV
SPECIFICATION    2.4GHz Wireless TechnologyUSB ReceiveHigh performance Laser Barcode Reader with sharp aim-and-shoot readingAggressive reading performance for fast and accurate data entry applicationHigh intensity reading, working distance up to 100 meters (Open Space)Supports 4 ..
Ex Tax:₹2,802.97
Brand: TVS Model: BS-C101 STAR
The all new BS-C101 Star is the fastest scanner in this segment and is loaded with features. It represents high-durability and faster customer checkouts, with an unbeatable first read scan success rate. It’s highly functional and is a great business companion.ADVANTAGESFastest in this segment wit..
Ex Tax:₹1,822.03
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